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Florida State Hearing Aids in Daytona Beach offers Volusia County personalized hearing aids services to ensure you enjoy the sounds of life to the fullest. Our hearing aids specialists are Starkey & Siemens board certified and offer patients the latest technology in the industry.

Hearing Aid Sales

Florida State Hearing Aids works with clients throughout the sales process to choose hearing aid products that suit their lifestyle, hearing impairment needs, and budget. From completely invisible, in-the-ear models to easy-to-adjust over the ear hearing aids, the options are almost endless. We’ll make sure your final selection is comfortable, fits perfectly, and provides the sound clarity you’re looking for.

Hearing Aid Service & Repair

We are able to service and repair hearing aids of any type from any manufacturer. If you need an adjustment to make them fit more comfortably, our hearing aid specialists can take care of that in minutes. We also clean hearing aids with surgical grade sanitizing solution to remove any build-up. If your hearing aids aren’t working like they used to, Florida State Hearing Aids can make any repair, minor or major, so you don’t have to purchase a new set.

Hearing Aid Programming

Over time, hearing aids may require a software update or other digital adjustments to maintain their level of clarity, volume, and ability to adjust to different environments. The staff at our Daytona Beach hearing aid center programs hearing aids of any type. We can fine-tune the components until you are completely comfortable with the output. We connect our advanced hearing aid programmers to a computer where we adjust the hardware and/or update the driver. At each programming appointment, we carefully go through a series of adjustments until we get the results you need.

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